“Teamwork is a skill that can be learned, worked on ... Mastering these rules leads to success ”

Find some examples of missions performed by Amagar, Coaching Solutions


Define the strategic roadmap as a team

We have been supporting the structuration and implementation of Maison Hennessy’s 10-year strategic roadmap during 18 months.
Collaboration with the Management Committee and the CEO using a blend of consulting and coaching skills has allowed to transform the Maison’s organization in order to match the 10-year growth ambition.


Ramp up a start up organization (45 people)

Per Angusta

We have been supporting the structuration of a Procurement Performance Management SAAS platform company.
Using team coaching technics as well as the Map and Match methodology, we have collaborated with the CEO, in order to : increase leadership within the management team, fruit complementarities, contribute to the recruitment of a General Manager and build a community with the markets.(US, UK, Gallia and DACH)


Change ways of working

BNIC – Cognac Trade body

While cognac is experiencing a very strong momentum and is facing major challenges, the players in the sector federated around BNIC, their tradebody, who need an effective partner at their side.
The collaborative work with the Executive Committee as well as General management has made it possible to create transversality and put the organization in motion in a context of growth…


Develop leadership

Top management transformation project kick off
BRAINVALUE- Consumer studies

In a context of remote working, the assignement consisted of defining and kicking off the HUMAN INSIDE project, aiming at developing top management managerial culture. It has led to a buy-in of the constituent elements of this program by the entire management team.