“The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams”

M. Obama

Organizational coaching aims at supporting a business. An organisational coach will consider financial developments – however the core focus is on the overall health of the business through the people lens. What makes this approach specific is that it is “done with the client” in order to increase the sense of responsibility and awareness within the company. It differs from consulting “done for the client“.

We focus on what
we can change!


How should I lead my teams so that the levels of motivation, productivity and satisfaction remain high?

We build a bespoke methodology so we can focus on the pivotal question

on going transformation

Support Top management in defining the culture and purpose of the business, then provide guidance to develop and steer the business in the right direction in order to make the dream come true.



Organizational coaching allows leaders to involve the entire organisation in ensuring that the many rivers and tributaries run smoothly for the sake of business success.



Managers are required to maintain and develop current business while making profound transformations. The coach’s immersion in the organization allows to grow the teams’ awareness of the changes needed to align with the company’s mission and meet the strategic priorities of the company.



Defining a purpose and raising the level of consciousness become essential in management and leadership. While technical skills are important for success, it is now common knowledge that leaders must develop their “soft power”. Coaching will work to allow high potentials to unleash their talent.


A body of methods
adapted to each situation

your growth

Increase leadership within the company through individual and collective work on the managerial posture

your Projects

Define objectives, prioritization, performance criteria, phasing.

Facilitate your
business evolution

Organizational design, Roles and Responsibilities, Rituals, Governance, Teamwork Facilitation

Put the organization
in motion

Defining ways of working through team coaching


Creating the conditions for healthy and productive conversations or confrontations in order to evolve from implicit to the explicit.


Raphaël Delpech
General Manager

“Thanks to her organizational coaching skills, Florence Garnier has worked together with the Executive Committee in order to create transversality and put the organization in motion in a context of growth ”

Bulgari (LVMH)
Silvia Schwarzer
Brand Image and Executive Director

“As a result of the coaching by Florence Garnier, I have raised my profile and increased my influence both within the company and the holding”

Creative Drive
Sara Rose

“The coaching has allowed me to reshape my focus and career direction, resulting in a greater balance in my personal and professional life and ultimately to my happiness and sense of fulfilment in the work I do”